Ten Reasons Why Top Sales People Succeed

I have always wondering why top sales people succeed while others just get by.  After many years of working with top sales representatives, I have compiled a list of the top ten reasons why:

1. Love Sales  

Today’s sales professional is not the outdated stereotype of the fast-talking, back-slapping, joke-telling super extrovert salesman. Today’s successful sales professional has the appearance of a business who is well versed in what is necessary to be successful in the modern or contemporary market.

Discover why you love what you sell.   The successful sales professional knows and understands that: YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING IN LIFE YOU WANT IF YOU WILL JUST HELP ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT!   

2.  Decide what you want  

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. If we want to achieve the mental certainty that leads to success, it is essential we begin controlling the fears that cause us to question our potential. You must have the sufficient desire to achieve this task above all. The key to tapping into the power of motivation is for us to have a radical awakening to what prevents us from achieving success, and then to have the requisite desire to overcoming these barriers. 

Great goals make great people. Goal setting is very important in achieving self-discipline. In fact, it is the first and most important step. Without any goals, it is very difficult to get far. 

3.  Commitment

 Commitment is an irrevocable promise to your self and your family.   

The detonator of this highly charged package is commitment. Commitment means NO MATTER WHAT! And determination is a refusal to allow obstacles to stop us.

Life only rewards players, not spectators. There is no admission charge for players, but there is always a charge for spectators. The spectators of life pay a high price for their admission and don’t even realize it. Life is not a spectator sport. If you are not motivated by your career, then get one where you are.   
4. Commit to Live Long Learning  

A comprehensive development system should account for three things:     

a. learning the basic principles, processes and tools for effective selling 

b. continuous improvement in the sophisticated practices of highly effective salespeople

c. opportunities to expand in complementary careers and learn the skills necessary to do so

Read books, other resources and materials, listen to audiotapes, attend seminars, and learn from successful people. You simply do not have enough time in life to make all the mistakes yourself. Learn from observing others. Don’t go through life learning and training by trial and error. It’s too expensive. As a somebody once said, “Do as I say, not as I did.”   

5. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan 

This is where you start to integrate the information which you have acquired into new actions to replace the old ones. In the beginning, this practice will require that you concentrate on each step of the new action. You may feel uncomfortable with the skill and worry about if you are doing it right. With practice you will refine these actions and develop confidence in your ability to perform the skill.

Practice, practice, practice   

6. Follow the Leader 

Top achievers understand that life offers choice; you can be an observer throughout your life or you can choose to be a participant. You can choose to live life or choose to merely exist. The choice you make determines whether you live with results or excuses. No one becomes successful by watching someone else perform, although lots of people try. Often we judge ourselves by our intentions, whereas others tend to judge us by our actions. The challenge we face as adults is not a deficiency of intentions but a deficiency of action. Intentions are easy. We have lots of them. Sadly, intentions are little more than self-serving feelings of accomplishment. Taking action is the hard part. If we did everything we intended to do we would experience boundless success. Successful people embrace the “Just Did It!” philosophy. They take their thoughts and ideas to the next dimension: action. So once you have a goal, act upon it right away. Be a Doer!     

7. Integrity, Principle and Honour  

Today’s sales professional demonstrates the qualities of honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour, which will guarantee a positive return in his/her career.  If one were to rest and ponder on this little point: being ethical is not only the right way to live but is the most practical way to live. True Sales Professionals don’t only talk about ethics, they walk the ethical line! Any and every sales technique, concept, formula, and principle will not serve  if you do not build your career on an ethical foundation, of honesty and  integrity. 

Decide what you stand for

8. Positive Thinking 

To be an effective salesperson one requires true professionalism. That consist of professional attitude, professional knowledge of the product and a thorough understanding of the solution-based selling process.  

Personal development is crucial to sales success. In fact, it is probably more important than your knowledge of your product. People sell to people. To be able to sell, you have to project the right attitude. To have the right attitude, you have to constantly improve yourself.   
9. Listen, Listen, Listen 

The best approach to client-focused selling is asking good questions, then listening intently to the answers. Selling is not about talking well; it’s the ability to gather information, consolidate the information and provide helpful intervention. 

Selling is about meeting needs. The closer you can match what you have to offer with the needs of the buyer, the greater the probability of a sale. The best way to know the true needs of the buyer is to listen to them. Listening will enable you to gain valuable knowledge that you can apply in matching your product/service to the buyer’s needs.  

Listening also helps to identify problems, issues, concerns, and opportunities. It would be a pure fluke to sell something without knowing what your customer really wants.   

10. Effort  

Simply traditional selling techniques stress overcoming objections and closing the deal and move on.  We should not choose to be overly concerned with closing techniques, but rather, we   should  focus on helping the customer feel understood and supported. People tend to buy will buy where they and their needs  are well understood. It is far better to gain a customer’s trust and and perhaps lose the same than it is to gain the sale and loose the customer. 

Effort is a mindset that focuses on proactively attacking one’s day, each sales.  

In Become a Warrior at Selling, Mr. Phillip J. Brand takes the audience on a journey of understanding deep interpersonal mechanisms of selling to ingrain the Warrior approach of structured values and principled integral behavior to acquire successful results as career sales professional.    Over the years, Mr. Phillip J Brand has trained thousands to be the top of their industry in sales.  His ethical approach to sales has made him stand out in the sales training industry.        To learn more or to connect with Mr. Brand visit his website at: www.phillipbrand.ca.