The Truth Behind Professional Selling

Since I entered the sales profession many years ago, I have always challenged to be my best but I learned that this is not the same for everyone.  Many get into this career and view it as a job or hobby not a profession.  It always strikes me when I am giving a sales workshop, I have people who come up to me afterwards and who do not understand why they are not succeeding.  After a few basic questions, I find out that they are not sales professionals.  This article drills down into the truth behind professional selling.

1. At least 80% of all sales professionals don’t sell well. 

The main reason is they have a misconception of what the selling processes is.  Warriors teach and train sales processes.  Sales can be taught and trained.  

2. Less than 5% of sales are made on the first call. 

Persistence means continuing to pursue a goal until it is achieved. As a sales professional, one of the biggest obstacles to your success is lack of persistence. Statistics suggest that less than 5% of sales are made on the first call and over 80% are made on the fifth call. However, only 10% of sales representatives ever return for the third call. They quit and go back to the adult day care center to hang out with other frustrated sales representatives. 

 3. Only 5% of Adults set goals.  

Goal setting functions as a prerequisite to success in most areas of life. Yet sadly, still ninety-five percent of people do not set goals. The premise which goal-setting is based on is that you cannot hit a target that you can’t see. If you don’t have goals, how can you achieve anything in life? Therefore it’s imperative that you sit down and decide exactly what you really want. Goal setting is very important in achieving self-discipline. In fact, it is the first and most important step. Without any goals, it is very difficult to get far. 


There should be no excuses, because excuses are the enemy of commitments. Excuses are so easy to come by. And they are seemingly so valid.   

5. Planning and Being Prepared 

Planning in sales is doing the necessary things to arrive at the appointment ready to do business. Preparation in sales is being in a state of readiness once you arrive. Good preparation ensures that you are ready to perform guided by a sales call objective. Thus, planning is stuff we do prior to the call and preparation is being ready to perform at the call. 

6. Give me a top notch prospector vs a top notch salesperson, and the top notch prospector will outperform every time. 

Prospecting is finding the right people to reach, at the right moment, and with the right message. Just like in every other aspect of the sales process, you need to focus on people and accounts that are suited for your product or service.    

Sales is one of the few jobs where you can be fired just for not being great at it. Usually in other positions, you have to be really making mistakes to get fired, but not in sales. In sales, if you don’t close deals, you’re costing the company money and they may fire you.  

Sales jobs are also competitive. Sales teams tend to be full of alpha-males (and females), and people who love to compete. It’s not unusual for many sales teams to be filled with people who played sports in school, etc. 

While selling is never easy, especially for new reps, there are definitely steps you can take to ensure your new recruits are set up for success. The key is providing them with the tactical, operational, and emotional support they need to get up to speed quickly. Harmonize these critical ingredients and they’ll be crushing quotas in no time.   

In A Warrior’s Approach to Effective Sales Leadership, Mr. Phillip J. Brand takes the audience on a journey of understanding deep interpersonal mechanisms of selling to ingrain the Warrior approach of structured values and principled integral behavior to acquire successful results as career sales professional.  Over the years, Mr. Phillip J Brand has trained thousands to be the top of their industry in sales.  His ethical approach to sales has made him stand out in the sales training industry. To learn more or to connect with Mr. Brand visit his website at:    

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